Latest Free Online Games from Mario Rush Mario is always in a battle with Luigi. Who is driving better? Mario shows his driving skills in Mario Rush. Mario Ride 4 Mario loves to drive. He is back with his new bike in 2012 with the game Mario Ride 4. Drive with him over hills, through mario's land and take care of him by balancing the sports motorcycle! Super Mario Zombie Shot Mario has equipped his truck with a machine gun on the top. Zombies are all over the mario land and attacking everyone. Mario is driving his machine gun truck to the rescue. Shoot and kill all the zombies on Mario's way. Mario Street Fight Mario and friends are in a brawl. In this classic street fighting arcade you can play as Mario, Luigi or even princess peach! Mario Cart 3D Mario Kart 3D welcomes back Mario to the race track in this flash racing fan game. In the Mario Kart 3D video game you need to try and help Super Mario sitting in a shopping cart to race on the 3D tracks and try to beat all of his friends. Keep your eyes open for obstacles... you will need to watch out for bananas that are scattered along the race track. If you hit one of them it will slow you down or make your shopping cart spin out. Race over the mushrooms that are on the track to give Mario an extra boost of speed! Mario Fun Ride Supermario is on a fun ride trip through its universe. He has a cross motorbike to drive. Supermario Zone Get into Supermario's zone. This is a new adventure. The slogan here is: Super Mario - the only way is up. Jump with Mario to the top. Super Mario Express Super Mario Express is a fun filled car racing game of our darling Mario. Here need to control the speed of car to balance it in each level to go forward. Collect coins on your way to score more. Super Mario Crossover 2 Super Mario Crossover 2 is beautiful work of retro-gaming released in the year 2012. There are multiple versions of all the characters, including NES, SNES and Game Boy styles, and you can cycle randomly through versions of all the levels in those styles. Supermario and Sonic Jet Supermario and friend are up in the sky in a plane. Fight with them. Super Mario Cloud Adventure Mario and Princess are going up the sky to reach their home.The only way up is jumping on the clouds one by one, but there are monsters along the way. Help mario and princess reach home without being kill by the monsters. use clouds to kill monsters and jump on it to reach the top. Play 1-Player or 2-Player mode. (1-Player: A/D = Left/Right; J = Build Cloud to get higher and kill enemies) Super Mario Kick This time Super Mario gets angry about Bowser and his brothers. Super Mario is in good fitness condition! Super Mario Challenge There are new challenges for Super Mario. Great graphics with the old fun. <b>NOTE:</b> The size of the game is 14.9MB - be patient while loading! Supermario Luigi 2 Luigi is in this retroworld and has to play quiet like his best friend ever Super Mario. Lets play then! Snowy Supermario Supermario must rescue the princess Peach again. She is trapped in the cage. Supermario and Sonic Doll Supermario has a Bow to help Sonic. Shoot at the rope Sonic is hanging at to liberate Sonic, although its only a Sonic Doll! Super Mario VS Sonic Racing Mario and Sonic are racing against each other in this game. Choose wether you want to play as Mario or as Sonic and clear all levels by racing against each other. Supermario Truck Rider Supermario enters his adventure world with a very good balanced truck. It can jump very high, try to keep it balanced! Nitro in Pipe Land Another Adventure for Nitro the great-grandchild of Supermario. Nitro in Fire Land Nitro the Superhero finds himself in Fire Land. Its a new adventure for the great-grandchild of Supermario! Supermario Castle Supermario must defeat the evil boss in his castle. Get on this adventure with Mario! Mario Underwater World A few underwater levels of a good looking Mario game. Grab coins, avoid fishes, and grab mushrooms. Mario Bros Motobike 3 Mario is back on his motobike, can you complete all levels driving on his bike? Collect as much as coins as you can. Mario Fruit Bubble Mario wants to win Princess heart and love. Make the princess happy by having three matching symbols. Supermario ATV Supermario is driving through his adventure world. Try to balance his ATV Quad. If Super Mario crashes, the game is over! Mario Friend TD Defend with Mario and his friends the castle in this Tower Defense Supermario game. Mario Diving Try to dive as deep as you can by using the mouse and hitting mushrooms. Mario Land Mario is back on land fighting through 4 tough levels trying to save the princess from the big boss. Battle the boss and save the princess! Super Mario Tractor 2 Mario is driving a tractor in this new game, he has his friends with him too. Complete certain levels to unlock special characters. Super Mario Truck 3 Mario has some cargo to shift and needs your help driving, his skills are not up to scratch and thats why he needs your heads up to help him reach the finish of every level and get the job done, each level you need different amounts of cargo so dont forget to check. Lets get going then, this truck wont drive itself! Super Mario Jump 2 The goal of this game, is to jump higher as possible in the unlimited level. Earn points by jumping on the coins, the bombs and the ennemis and buy new bonus in the shopping center. Gunner Vario Vario is back with weapons for blasting away koopa enemies! Your goal in this cool shooting game is to defend against famous Mario characters by shooting them before they reach your tower. Earn cash for upgrades, buy new guns like uzis, rockets, shotguns and more. Mario Ride 3 Super Mario is riding a bike and you drive through exciting levels. A lot thrills and big fun in this game. Collect points and balance your ride to reach next level. Have fun to ride! Mario Zone Mario Zone is a new adventure game. Now the task is to go up and eleminate new enemies on the way to the top. Collect stars, bonus points and coins in Marios new journey. Monoliths Mario World 2 Version 2 of one of the best mario game adaptations. Super Mario Sky Mario is flying high. This time his adventures has taken him into the sky. Every step counts when your in the sky trying to make it through all 4 levels to the boss! Super Mario Truck Super Mario Truck, Help mario drive his truck and deliver items back to his home. 12 levels of super mario truck fun. Marionic When you match Mario with sonic, you will get Marionic! Are you able to complete the levels as fast as sonic and as survival as Mario! We will see, good luck! SuperMario Bros in Sonic World Play Mario Bros in Sonic World Now, A flash clone of the highly popular classic platform based on SEGA Sonic game. Infinite Mario Infinite Mario is truly among the best Mario clones ever made. All the levels are completly random. Super Mario Crossover Play classic Mario levels as other retro game characters. Watch your step! Super Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost Island Collect all the shine sprites in the level then go to the exit. Super Mario Star Scramble Collect all the shine sprites and defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom! Super Mario Star Scramble 2 Play as Mario in another installment of Super Mario Star Scramble. Collect the shine sprites that are scattered throughout each level, and then take on Bowser in a final showdown! Supermario Defence Help Bowser to defend his castle from the invading mario brothers. Supermario and luigi are trying to catch the castle in this fun tower defense game. Supermario Vetorial World Supermario World with water paint graphics. For some reason the coins don't disappear when you touch them, and you have to click retry when you die. Sonic Lost in Mario World Play as Sonic the Hedgehog in the Mushroom Kingdom. Normally you exspect supermario to walk through the mushroom land, but its sonic. Supermario Forever Flash This Supermario Forever Flash is a flash remake of the classical Supermario game. This game has smooth controls and the same polish that you would expect from a supermario game. Supermario Flash Super Mario Flash is based off the graphics from Super Mario Allstars on the Super Nintendo. This is one of the best Mario games online. Super Flash Mario Bros Another good Supermario game. You can pick between Mario & Luigi. The controls are a bit sluggish, though.